Welcome to the third and final piece of our Trilogy of Game Conventions for the Sacramento region!
ConQuest SAC – founded 2006
ConQuest Avalon – founded 2013
and now we bring to the community…
MidSummer ConQuest – founded 2018!

Events being planned include:

  1. Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League
  2. Pathfinder/Starfinder Society
  3. Open Role Playing Adventures
  4. The Nebula – Where you bring your board games to play or borrow from our Game Library!
  5. Collectible Card Tournaments on a “Pay as you Play” basis! No badges needed! (You just pay the tournament fee for the specific event!)
  6. Historical and Sci-Fi/Fantasy Miniatures events in association with MWS
  7. Miniature Tournaments: DBA on Friday and Flames of War on Sunday!
  8. ConQuest SAC Geek Boutique, our array of vendors and artists, is FREE to the public all three days!
  9. Paint ‘N Take station where you can get a free miniature to paint and get tips from the pros!
  10. MidSummer Flea Market on Sunday!
  11. Costume Contest on Saturday!
  12. ConQuest Games University
  13. On-site meal time food services

MidSummer ConQuest’s first year takes place at the amazing McClellan Conference Center on the site of the storied McClellan Air Field!

Gamemasters for D&D AL and for PFS/SFS will sign up via Warhorn for the event. 12 hours of judging is required to get a Gamemaster Pass.

Midsummer ConQuest’s Weekend Pass sells for $45 through May 31, 2018.

Buy Tickets!

Vendor and Artist Alley spaces are now available!!

Games Scheduled to Date. <Look for substantially more games scheduled in June.>

McClellan Conference Center
5411 Luce Ave
McClellan, CA 95652

Write us at events at midsummerconquest dot com